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Age structure, estmate, 2020


Estimated resident population, by age and sex–at 30 June 2019



Belize Postcensal National Population Estimates, 2000 to 2019 


Population Projections for Brazil and Federation Units by simple sex and age: 2010-2060



Population estimates on July 1st, by age and sex, 2019 

French Guiana

Population by age, sex and urban/rural residence, 2016


Statistics Greenland, Table Values for Population 16+, 2015


Population on 1 January by age group and sex, 2018

New Zealand

Estimated Resident Population by Age and Sex (1991+), 2019


State of Palestine: Population by age and sex (thousands), 2019

Republic of Ireland

Population Estimates (Persons in April) (Thousand) by Sex, Age Group, 2019


Population, Annual - Singapore Residents By Age Group, Ethnic Group And Sex, 2018 

South Korea

Historical Population Data, 2013


Indicators of labor force status: Civilian population aged 15 years & over, 2018

United Kingdom

Population estimates: Persons by single year of age and sex for local authorities in the UK, mid-2018

Burkina Faso 2009, Central African Republic 2008, Guinea-Bissau 2010, Chad 2011, Lesotho 2010, Gabon 2005

Population ages 15-64, 65+, total

All Other Countries*

Population ages 15-64, total, World Bank, 2000-2019

Population ages 65+, total, World Bank, 2000-2019

*Latest year used for individual countries where complete population (World Bank) and private sector data was found